Saturday, September 11, 2010

Acoustic Ecology Hike

Please join us on October 16, 2010 at 11:00 am for an opportunity to explore the natural silence and beauty of nature at the Bicentennial Woods. These 2.6 miles of trails are a small part of ACRES Land Trust acquisitions of significant natural areas. The trails here are noted as "difficult" as this is hilly country where the hills are covered with oaks, hickories and sycamores and some of the trees are more than 200 years old. This free event is an opportunity to gather as sensory explorers, honor and respect the pace of each individual, surrender the need for constant conversation, and enjoy life.

Directions: From Fort Wayne (I-69 exit 112) take Coldwater Road north for approximately 7.5 miles to Shoaff Road. Turn left (west) onto Shoaff Road. Preserve parking lot is 1/4 mile on the left.

You may wish to bring a camera and or binoculars. Wear shoes and clothing appropriate for activity.

Please rsvp at by October 9 or contact at 260/749-7226.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Am Not My Body: Disidentification from the body brings relief from negative body issues, stereotypes of old age, and self-created suffering

I had an epiphany today.

For the first time in my life, I have truly felt what it is like to not be so attached to my body, causing 95% of my own discomfort. I hurt my back yesterday and made the decision to take the day off of work. I did some computer work instead so I could rest. At first, upon waking after a restless sleep, I experienced some anxiety. The old "butterflies in the stomach" were back. I watched my mind and all the floating bubbles of thoughts that swam above my head like in the comic books. "What should I do about my clients today? Should I grin and bear it? Or should I cancel and stay home and rest? Should I see my chiropractor or my massage therapist or do nothing? What if my back isn't better by tomorrow? How will I teach at school or dance at rehearsal? Man, my back really hurts when I bend over, sit down, walk, even lay down! How am I going to...!?"

I'm sure this is not too far off from most people's minds when they experience one of life's "not so pleasant unexpected surprises," whether it is an injury, an illness, disease, or disorder. As I watched my thoughts, I became aware of the illusion that my mind was creating, rather than focusing on my real, present experience. I became aware of how the feelings in my body were a direct result of the storyline playing in my head. Pretty soon, my morning, my day, my week, was being taken over by thoughts about my painful back! All positive outlooks went out the door. Any enjoyment about the day was impossible. Then, I made the conscious decision to change. I decided I wanted to be happy today, and so I changed my outlook. After all, happiness is a skill. (Think about THAT for a second!) So I slowed myself down, and breathed...

I got in touch with my true experience and made the decisions I had to make regarding work for the day. I made an appointment with the chiropractor. I gently let worried thoughts about the next day drip away, recognizing the insanity I was causing myself by worrying about the future moment that did not even exist yet! Then, I got in tune with the consciousness that exists inside-my true self. The self that has no ego, no attachment to the body. The self that is peaceful, pure, loving energy. I separated my body from the true presence that lies within. I saw the pain separate from who I am. I am not the pain, I thought, because I am not my body. I am the force field of being. The light, humorous, compassionate, peaceful energy that I am was not in pain; the body that I reside in was.

All of a sudden, I watched the pain, was able to recognize it as suffering and accepted it as something that I will naturally experience throughout my entire life time. Although the pain was still there, I did not attach to it. I didn't feel anxiety, worry, fear because of it. My mind wasn't making the pain worse by attaching stories like, "Oh, so agonizing. I can't do anything today. My plan for the day is out the window!" I felt the pain as pain and nothing more. I went about my day, able to do some light activities around the house and unable to do others. (My laundry has waited before, so it could wait another day now!)

Now, you may be asking, "Well, what about the mind-body connection? Aren't they 'connected?' And now you are saying to detach my mind from my body? I'm confused!" Well, I understand the confusion. In fact, the mind and the body are so connected that that is why when you think a negative thought, you have an internal physical body reaction called an emotion. And often that emotion then causes an external physical reaction in the form of words and actions. The very reason we cause most of our suffering is because of the mind-body connection, seen in the example of injury given in this piece. So, we need coping mechanisms and tricks of the trade so that we practice teaching our minds not to get SO swept away with what is going on in our body and vice verse.

Attachment to the body (and our mind's commentary about the body), rather than connection to who we really are-our sense of 'beingness'* -can be seen in many behaviors in our society. Eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, or using food for purposes other than healthfully fueling the body, is one way that people adopt negative body image views because of the belief that the body is who they are. When we acquire sickness, often that illness or disease becomes our identity because we are attached to the body. All conversations become about the pain or negative body issues because of complete identification with the body. (Yes, I believe when one's body is ill, the mind too is more susceptible to illness, but the potential to harness one's 'beingness' is always and forever available to them.) As we get older, the body changes, we age physically, and we don't accept the natural changes that come with growing older. We try to be young and constantly talk about how, "I'm too old for that." Well, the old saying is true; "You are only as old as you feel!" It is all about your mindset. You are always you no matter how your body changes, how sick, or how old you become. Your 'beingness' is constant. Science proves it.

If we come to recognize who we are as something that lives inside of us, as pure consciousness, being, presence, and energy, we can disassociate with the body and the mind's commentary about it. We connect, always, to the truth that is us, and are uninfluenced by outside circumstance and become less attached to afflictions in the body. So the next time you are sick or injured, be curious about your pain, emotions, and your mind and body. See if you can identify when you are attached to your body. Then sit quietly, feel your heartbeat, take some mindful breaths, and get in touch with that which is you...

*'beingness' - The matter and energy that all things and you are made up of. A non-wavering state of being. A steady presence. You feel it when you help someone, feel true love and compassion, and are at ease. Blissful nature. Stillness. Calm mind. You may visualize it as a ball of calm, radiating white light that sits in your belly or head that is always present, even when your mind is running wild with thought or your body is running wild with activities.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On Finding Truth: Shifting Our Perception and Perspective Gives a Whole New Outlook On Life

"We are not trying to solve a problem. We are not striving to make pain go away or to become a better person. In fact, we are giving up control all together and letting concepts and ideals fall apart." -Pema Chodron
Lately, I have been taking my own advice. I mean, I always live and breathe my work because it is a part of me, but I have been playing detective more than usual. I have been internalizing concepts and ideas, questioning my thoughts and actions, and really watching myself - mostly how my mind and my thoughts manifest themselves into physical responses. My quiet and subtle analysis of my work over these past weeks has made me think of perception and perspective.
Several years ago, I was lost. Lost in my physical body, lost in my mind, lost in relationships, lost in myself. I felt like every day I continued to downward spiral deeper and deeper down a black abyss with no chance of ever escaping. A miraculous series of events (an amazing woman, a book, and study-more details to come in a future blog!) saved me from myself and gave me a new perspective of my life. Once I climbed out of my hole, I opened my eyes to the way I was living my life; I acknowledged the problem so I could fix it. I ACKNOWLEDGED THE PROBLEM SO I COULD FIX IT.
I realized that because of the way I perceived situations and thus reacted to them, that I was causing my own grief, misery, and insanity. I looked at myself when a fight ensued in my household. I looked at myself when I was angry at someone else for what they said to me, did to me, or how they looked at me. I looked at myself when I felt anxious, guilty, or bored. I looked at myself when...well, you get the picture! I held myself, or my mind, accountable for every emotion or negative feeling that I experienced. A quote that I carry with me is, "How others treat me is their path; How I react is mine." The word 'others' can also be interchanged with "unexpected situations, unplanned events, the world."
See, when we are children, we are taught certain ways of thinking, values, morals, etc., depending on the culture, society, and time period in which we are born. These thought patterns ebb and flow as we grow and our patterns of thought often lead us to negative states of being, which lead to negative emotions, which cause us much pain and suffering. We are not even aware that we inflict all of this pain and suffering upon ourselves, simply by how we live in, think about, and view this life. The old adage IS true; we are our own worst enemy.
The following ideas on the science of the mind will open space within you and allow you to shift your perception of life situations and break free from your typical, habitual mind patterns. With practice and mindfulness of the following, you will begin your journey to travel deeper to the truth and dissolve the illusion that we have all been living. As you live each day, practice this: When something is "wrong," recognize how you perceive the situation and see if you can shift your perception using the following teachings.
Impermanence- Employed, lose the job. Birth, death. In love, out of love. New car, car gets totaled. Forms change, just as the sand castle gets knocked over and becomes sand again. Nothing is wrong. Accept that this is simply part of life. To learn is to change.
Balance- Take the middle way with actions, words, and behaviors. "If you pull the guitar strings to tight, they will break. If you leave them to loose, the guitar will not play."
Egolessness- Ego is anything that covers up our natural, basic goodness and blissful nature. Ego covers up our direct, real experience of this very moment. Why do you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, threatened? This is not you. You are in the grip of the ego, which is pure illusion, not real- a story that our minds make up and we buy into what it says to us. Egolessness has complete confidence in the way things are, have been, and will be.
Nonattachment- When we are attached to the way things are supposed to be, to an object, to a person, or anything, we are in the grip of the ego. Let go of what happened and what is going to happen. Be mindful of what is.
Compassion- We are all the same; we are made up of the same material and we all experience happiness and suffering. Cultivate loving-kindness to all living things and human beings- young, old, pretty, ugly, nice, mean, friends, and enemies.
Suffering- We create our own suffering by thinking that we can find lasting pleasure and avoid pain. Because pain is inevitable, we are caught in a hopeless cycle that causes us to suffer. Accept, embrace, and know that pain and suffering will always be a part of your life, and then move on. "We are not trying to solve a problem. We are not striving to make pain go away or to become a better person. In fact, we are giving up control all together and letting concepts and ideals fall apart." -Pema Chodron
For more detailed information of these teachings, resources, or questions, email me at As you make life discoveries, share them with people so that the truth can be discovered by all! Let us all become givers, sharers, and teachers of this work so the world may find true harmony and bliss!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Creative Movement Workshop an Experience of Senses and Community!

As thunder, lightning, wind and rain prompted attendees to move indoors for this workshop, it also prompted observation, focus and expressive movement related to our sensory experiences and relationship to each other. This workshop is now available for individual, small and large groups, and businesses on-site or at location to be determined by individual or group. All workshops may also be combined with additional workshops and customized for the individual or group culture.
E-mail or call 260/749-7226 for more information.

Deadline has been extended to August 7 for "Introduction to Hooping I" Workshop on September 2. E-mail or call 260/749-7226 to enroll.

Openings are still available for Workshop Series at Calhoun Street Emporium. Enroll now to take advantage of these experiences by calling 260/749-7226 or e-mail

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wellness Workshop Series at Calhoun Street Emporium/Artists' Connection Gallery:

Please see side bar for dates, times, location.
Then scroll to bottom of blogs listed and click on "older posts" to review more information on each of these workshops.

Presenters: Pam Holt, One-to-One Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
Kelly Holt, One-to-One Creative Movement
Enrollment: e-mail
or call 260/749-7226
Pre-Pay Deadlines: "Relaxation . . ." August 4, 2010
"Self Massage . . ." August 11, 2010
"Posture . . ." August 18, 2010
Fee/Refund Policy: $45 per workshop/No refunds will be given after the pre-pay deadlines. Make checks payable to One-to-One. Mail to One-to-One, 5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hula Hooping Workshop Announced

"Hooping I: Basic Hoop Dance and Tricks"

Presenters: Pam Holt, One-to-One Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
Kelly Holt, One-to-One Creative Movement
Date: Thursday, September 2, 2010
Time: 5:15pm-7:00pm
Location: One-to-One Studio
5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana
Enrollment: e-mail
or call 260/749-7226
Limited class size
Pre-Pay Deadline: July 30, 2010
Fee/Refund Policy: $80 (Includes adult size trick hula hoop)
No refunds will be given after July 30, 2010
Please make checks payable to One-to-One
Mail checks to: One-to-One
5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana 46774
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level
What to Wear: Comfortable movement clothing

Workshop Description: If you thought you could never hula hoop or that hula hooping is only for kids, think again! Hooping is a crafted art form that combines tricks and movement, creating hoop dance. You WILL be able to hula hoop within two minutes of the workshop with proper instruction; the trick is in the energy of the body power points needed to propel the hoop. In addition to waist hooping, you will learn freedom of movement with the arms and legs as you hoop, allowing you to "dance" as you hoop. You will learn tricks that allow you to fluidly take the hoop on and off of your body, creating a seamless flow of hoop tricks. Finally, you will learn how to master simple choreographed hooping combinations and create your own hoop dance! Remember, everyone will be guided to work at their personal comfort and ability level; your success is only measured by how much fun you have! Embrace a new life experience, conquer the unknown, and be free and laugh like a kid again! Let's get hooping!

Creative Movement Workshop Announced

"Creative Movement: Cultivating Connection, Community, Creativity, and Healing"

Presenters: Pam Holt, One-to-One Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
Kelly Holt, One-to-One Creative Movement
Date: Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Time: 5:15pm-7:00pm
Location: One-to-One Studio
5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana
Enrollment: e-mail
or call 260/749-7226
Limited class size
Pre-Pay Deadline: July 21, 2010
Fee/Refund Policy: $35/No refunds will be given after July 21, 2010
Please make checks payable to One-to-One
Mail checks to: One-to-One
5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana 46774
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level and all ages.
What to Wear and Bring: Comfortable movement clothing and a towel or mat.

Workshop Description: "Creative Movement: Cultivating Connection, Community, Creativity, and Healing", is an uplifting, exuberant experience filled with engaging activities that exercise your mind, body, and spirit. Creative Movement gives you the tools to become your own teacher and healer; the only teacher and healer you will ever need, and encourages you to share these gifts with others. In this workshop, we will explore several different ideas of movement, using nature as our inspiration and backdrop. We will cultivate our sense of creative expression using simple art, music, and writing to enhance the mind/body connection; no prior experience is necessary in any of these art forms. Finally, we will use these activities as metaphors for life, teaching the way to inner and outer peace through the paths of mindfulness of the external world, self-awareness, and breath connect. In Creative Movement, as in life, success is not defined by how "good" you are at any given activity, but rather by your connection to your inner and outer worlds, a real sense of communal and self joy, your ability to heal yourself, and to celebrate life and have fun!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fitness Walking Intervals Workshop A Success!

The Fitness Walking Interval Workshop was well-attended by all ages who enjoyed the beautiful river trailway as they learned about and received the benefits of this type of movement. This workshop is now available for individual, small and large groups and businesses on-site or at location to be determined by individual or group. Remember that all workshops may also be combined with additional workshops and customized for the individual or group culture.

E-mail or call 260/749-7226 for more information.

Look for details later this week about our July 28 and September 1, 2010 workshops -

July 28 Workshop: "Creative Movement: Cultivating Connection, Community, Creativity, and Healing" is an uplifting, exuberant experience filled with engaging activities that exercise your mind, body, and spirit using art, music and writing.

September 1 Workshop: "Introduction to Hooping I" is an opportunity to learn this crafted art form. If you thought you could never hula hoop or that hula hooping is only for kids, think again!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Practice Curiosity, Mindful Presence, and Love to End Compulsive Behavior

As I read Geneen Roth's book, "Women, Food and God," I had major epiphanies about my relationship with food. See, me and food have duked it out over the years, and although I know we may still have our battles, I have definitely been winning the majority of our matches recently. Roth talks about how food, just like any other compulsion, whether it be alcohol, drugs, overworking, etc., becomes the quick fix to comfort us, fill our empty spaces, and make us "happy." But the fact is that we just use food to masque, run away from, and "bolt" as she puts it, from our mind-made story lines, ideas of ourselves, and connections to our struggling past.

A few weeks ago, I started out on a walk in my neighborhood. When I was about ten minutes in, I felt the ground shake beneath my feet. Then the sky lit up with a brilliant flash. My first instinct was to run home and find an alternate workout to do inside. But then I remembered what Geneen Roth had told me. I decided I wasn't going to bolt this time. Instead, I walked with courage, confidence, a smile, a playful heart, and with a little trepidation about the unknown journey to come. But I faced that thunderstorm head on. I not only continued my walk in the rain, but as it poured harder and harder, my clothes heavy and soaked, I walked in the opposite direction of my house. I totally embraced my direct, real experience and looked at my mind-made story of why I was afraid in the first place.

I thought about my inherent reactions to storms. Well, thunderstorms are scary; they sound scary and they look scary! And getting wet is not a good thing! We are supposed to avoid getting wet because it is uncomfortable! And then there is the lightening that is very dangerous! Not to mention my phone and I-Pod can't get wet!

Then I looked at the facts and embraced every part of the moment I was in and put aside what my culture, past people, and ego had to say about my situation. I felt the warm rain and thick air, put my phone and my I-Pod in my pocket, and joked with myself that the probability of getting struck by lightening was probably like one in infinity.

This concept of not "bolting" was a huge light bulb for me. Over the last few weeks I have been examining my compulsions and bad habits. I put my use of food and my feelings of anxiety in the spot light, poking and prodding them for answers. I was curious what purpose both of these compulsions had been serving me. What did I think they were going to solve? Why was I allowing them to hang around and harass me on a daily basis? They were no friends of mine! But rather than bolting and turning my compulsions away, I graciously invited them in. I even have been offering them some tea and cookies. I ask them questions, study them very carefully, and give them my complete and utter love and attention.

I look to see what feelings, emotions, and sensations in my body are really there. What am I trying to cover up, heal, save, or fix with food and anxious feelings? I sit with these feelings, invite them in, let them stay awhile, and let them know that they are safe. The feelings begin to feel comfortable, take off their shoes, and soften and open up to me. They know they are welcome. They are met with love, patience, and complete attention. And they don't need food or anxiety. Because the feelings know that a little love, attention, and kindness is all they really want. So from now on, instead of bolting to food and anxiety, I will delve into what I am really feeling, and walk graciously into the storm...


Friday, June 4, 2010

Outdoor Interval-Walking Workshop Announced

"Fitness Walking Interval Training"

Presenters: Pam Holt, One-to-One Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
Kelly Holt, One-to-One Creative Movement
Date: June 24, 2010 (Rain Date: July 1, 2010)
Time: 5:15pm-7:00pm
Location: New Haven Rivergreenway
Parking Lot Trailhead on North River Road Just West of Landin Road
Enrollment: e-mail: or call 260/749-7226
Limited Class Size
Pre-Pay Deadline: June 17, 2010
Fee/Refund Policy: $35/No refunds will be given after June 17, 2010.
Make checks payable to: One-to-One
Mail checks to: One-to-One
5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana 46774
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level and all ages.
What To Wear: Exercise clothing and walking/running shoes.

Workshop Description: Do you need to reduce body fat? Are you getting bored with your same cardio routine? Do you notice you are not making significant improvement in your cardiovascular fitness? Then join us and take your walking program (or any cardiovascular activity) to a new, more efficient, and FUN level! Improvement in fat loss and cardiovascular fitness are achieved only when exercisers challenge their bodies with progressive workloads. But how do we progress without over-training or injuring ourselves? You can accomplish this with interval training - short bursts (30-60 seconds) of higher intensity/speed followed by periods of rest or low intensity activity. Learn how to apply this method using perceived exertion or heart rate monitor training and shake up your outdoor (or indoor) summer movement program. Interval training has a positive impact on post-exercise caloric expenditure, is time efficient, reduces boredom, increases exercise adherence, and slows down aging. Interval training intensity and recovery is based on YOUR current level of fitness. So call or e-mail us now and treat your mind and body to a wonderful new way to move!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Nature Is My Playground" Outdoor Circuit/Interval Workshop A Success!

The "Nature Is My Playground" a circuit/interval workshop is available now for individual, small and large groups and businesses on-site or at location to be determined by individual or group. This workshop may also be combined with additional workshops and customized for the individual or group culture.
E-mail or call 260/749-7226 for more information.

Coming this week, look for details about our June 24, 2010 workshop, Fitness Walking Intervals Workshop. Take your walking program to a new, more efficient - and fun - level! Learn how to maximize fat loss, increase your fitness level, slow down aging, maximize your workout time (shorter workout sessions with interval training are shown to have the same benefit as longer, moderate paced sessions), add variety to reduce boredom, and have a workout that can be done indoors or in the great outdoors.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Journey Is the Destination

The "Nature Is My Playground" workshop brought up a few thoughts, questions, and observations. Being in nature and moving our bodies, in public where others can see us, can bring up insecurities in people and makes me think about humans' incredibly controlling and strong-willed egos. Many people think that they could never skip outside, play on playground equipment, or shoot a pretend basketball through a hoop. When our egos keep us from healthfully playing outside, what else are our egos preventing us from doing?

I often ask myself the question, "Would I do this if I was on a desert island?" And if the answer is "yes," then I examine why I hesitate in public. Most of the time the answer is the same and obvious; I care about other people's opinions of me and my actions. There is my crazy, boring, restricting ego again preventing me from living the life that I want to lead- A fun, fiery, adventurous, judgement-free life! Like Sara Bareilles sings, "Release your inhibitions, feel the rain on your skin..."

By wearing our favorite tacky shirt, going make-up less, and playing on playground equipment in public, we empower ourselves by being our authentic selves and empower others by teaching by example, thus leading others to a more conscious, true, awake, and alive world. A world where we experience every moment in true living color by being real and not playing a role that we are supposed to play based on the script that society writes for us. A world in which our experience is not dulled by ego-led restriction by ourselves and by others. Living for your values and not always following cultural norms, for example.

Ask yourself what is important to you. What kind of person do I want to be? Examine your everyday actions and ask yourself if your values are in line with your actions. If they aren't, make adjustments. It may be that your ego is running the show instead of your true self. Again ask yourself, "Am I doing this because I want to or because I care about what others think about some aspect of this situation?"

This last weekend in Mackinac Island, I fell upon a "Life is good" t-shirt that read, "The journey is the destination." The "Nature Is My Playground" workshop is a perfect example of this that then transfers to all aspects of life, too. In the case of the former, it's not about finishing your "workout" in a goal time or burning a certain amount of calories. Rather, it is about enjoying nature, being in your body, and having fun with life. In the case of the later, it's not about living life by someone else's book in order to reach the final chapter. Rather, it is about writing your own biography filled with brilliant, shining detail.

My opinion is that sometimes goals are overrated and make us rush through and compromise our lives. Life becomes more authentic and real when our goal simply becomes making every moment joyous, fun, loving, kind and positive. How can we go wrong when our "journey is our destination..."


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Outdoor Circuit/Interval "Play" Workshop Announced
"Nature Is My Playground"

Presenters: Pam Holt, One-to-One Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
Kelly Holt, One-to-One Creative Movement
Date: May 27, 2010 (Rain Date: June 3, 5:15pm-7:00pm)
Time: 5:15pm-7:00pm
Location: Schnelker Park Gazebo, New Haven, Indiana
(Behind New Haven Middle School at Corner of Park and Broadway)
Enrollment: e-mail: or call 260/749-7226
Limited class size
Pre-Pay Deadline: May 20, 2010
Fee/Refund Policy: $35/No refunds will be given after May 20, 2010.
Make checks payable to: One-to-One
Mail checks to: One-to-One
5430 Green Road
New Haven, Indiana 46774
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level and all ages.
What To Wear: Exercise clothing and workout shoes. No equipment needed.

Workshop Description: Do you ever get bored of your same old exercise routine? It's nice to be outside now but walking and biking can get monotonous day after day. "Nature Is My Playground" allows you to enjoy the outdoors, incorporate cross training* and interval training* exercise into your wellness regimen, use your own creativity, and have fun! You will explore a variety of cardiovascular and strengthening exercises and learn different ways you can utilize playground equipment, park objects, and nature to create a personalized, unique workout each time you "play". "Nature Is My Playground" gets you connected to your mind as well as your body. You will learn to listen to and get to know your body while creatively engaging your mind. Exercise is most enjoyable when you are having fun, so let's get moving! Remember, inspiration lies in nature and the music lies within . . .
*Adding variation to an exercise program with cross training and interval training not only allows for increased physiological improvement, reduced risk of injury, and prevention of overuse, but also a reduction of psychological/mental monotony. If you feel like you are not progressing any more, it's time to change things up. Manipulating certain variables will enhance and improve your overall health and fitness level.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Balancing the Ying and Yang

Lately, I have been thinking about balance. What is true, authentic balance? What does it look like? How does it act? What does it feel like? How does it manifest itself in my life?

The physical aspect of balance is not unlike its mental counterpart. When we physically balance, we reach our energy to one side while equally reaching our energy to the other. If we reach too far to one side and don't put enough energy into the other side, we fall. In order to find physical balance, we must feel the grounded connection with our feet to the floor, focus, and pay attention. To achieve balance in our lives, is to practice the same concepts as physical balance.

The old adage, "Too much of a good thing," illustrates how balance in our lives often goes astray; too much work without play, too much exercise without rest, too much care for others without self care and vice versa, for example. If we reach too far to one side of our lives without practicing its counterpart, we cannot find true ease and joy. We lose the yin and yang of life that effortlessly joins in beautiful harmony, creating a subtle, but miraculous inner peace.

Feeling the grounded connection is important in finding balance as well. Staying grounded to the things in life in which we derive true, non fleeting happiness. Staying grounded and true to the compassionate and loving-kind person who we all are, often covered up by our ego-driven actions and words. Staying grounded and acknowledging the connection we share with all other sentient beings and nature. A sense of groundedness keeps us pure and simple.

Physical balance is eased when we focus the eyes in the direction in which we are moving. Finding life balance means focusing on what behaviors work in our lives and what behaviors cause us suffering. When we identify a behavior that causes suffering, we modify or omit this behavior until we recognize that it no longer fits as a piece of our puzzle.

Paying attention to our physical balance means being aware of our body, energy, breath, and posture. When we pay attention to every detail of even the most mundane everyday tasks, we cultivate a calm presence that allows us to fully enjoy life's abundance. We become aware, alert, and awake because we are mindful of our current situation. In this conscious state, there is no room for negative past thoughts (depression) and negative future thoughts (anxiety) to creep in, thus allowing us to experience a balanced physical and mental state. We sit, balanced, in the middle of the teeter-totter, our actions nor our thoughts tipping too far to one side or the other.

Balance can be difficult to achieve, both in the physical and life sense, and sometimes it seems impossible to be perfectly placed on the tight rope without falling off. But the only thing we can do is to continue to get back on and try again. And realize that losing our balance is not failure, but rather a gift, allowing us to make some adjustments and try again with a little more success than before.

We continue to practice. We continue to fall. And one day we discover a little more clarity than we did the day before and we keep on the path of the warrior...

Posture 101 for Balance 911 Workshop A Success!

The Posture 101 for Balance 911 Workshop is available now for individual, small and large groups and businesses at the One-to-One studio or on-site. This workshop may also be combined with additional workshops and customized for the individual or group culture.
E-mail or call 260/749-7226 for more information.

Coming this week, look for details about our May 27, 2010 workshop,

Nature Is My Playground.
Learn how to recapture the fun of your exercise routine, reduce boredom, and cross train - a vital element in any workout plan. Engage your mind, engage your body and get moving with "play" - all in the great outdoors!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Posture and Balance Workshop Announced
"Posture 101 for Balance 911"

Presenters: Pam Holt, One-to-One Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
Kelly Holt, One-to-One Creative Movement
Date: April 29, 2010
Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm
Location: One-to-One Studio, 5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana
Enrollment: e-mail or call 260/749-7226
Limited class size.
Pre-Pay Deadline: April 22, 2010
Fee/Refund Policy: $35.00/No refunds will be given after April 22.
Make checks payable to: One-to-One.
Mail to: One-to-One, 5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana 46774
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level.
What To Wear: Form-fitting shirt and shorts or pants that come above the knee.

Workshop Description:
Have you heard the expression "stand up straight"? Have you ever "lost your balance"? It is possible to stand up, sit up and move well with healthy posture and balance awareness for safe and efficient, low stress movement. Posture is quite simply the alignment of our skeleton, joints and muscles over our center of gravity. Simple perhaps but not always easy - until you attend this workshop. Learn why poor posture creates neck, shoulder, low back, knee, and foot pain/discomfort and how it even affects our metabolism and brain health. Learn a basic posture practice and participate in a technical posture analysis to improve overall function of your body, resulting in less inflammation, less pain, and greater ease of movement. You will also learn a moving posture practice to use as you travel through your days.
Posture in action requires good balance. Falls are a leading cause of injury-related deaths in older adults, as well as a significant cause of disability in this group. A fall, or even a near fall, can instill fear that can lead to a self-imposed decrease in activity which can contribute to a decline in health and an even greater risk of falling. Balance exercises are recommended for those with diagnosed bone loss, those who recognize a loss of confidence in activities that require balance, and for those with strong balance who wish to learn these exercises as a preventative tool now.
Learn to identify the factors linked to falling and learn balance-specific exercises to target the muscular system and the three major senses that affect balance.
You will leave this workshop with handouts that you can use to practice what you learned, and a healthy sense of where your body should be in space to feel great and be safe.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trust In the Subtler Side of Life

I sit in my living room as the sun rises, sipping my Italian cream coffee and smelling the sweet aroma of my newly lit "early sunrise" candle. I am the only soul up and awake at this early hour. I hear the faint sound of the train whistle and see a dog walker trot past the yard. The only sound in the house is the hum of the heat vibrating through the old metal registers along the floor. I sense a calm and a stillness in the house. I sense a calm and a stillness in myself.

I am reminded that I hold all power in which to continue this feeling throughout my day, no matter what my external situation. I can do this by staying present and aware of each moment and by always choosing the subtler path.

The word subtle is often interchanged with words such as calm, gentle, restful, less stressful, kind, soft and simple. The definition of success in American is often about moving to the other extreme; in order to be successful, many believe that they must overwork, over achieve, and over exercise, pushing and struggling their way to the top; carrying much stress, burden, and unhappiness in the process. However, shifting your everyday definition of success and moving to this subtler, softer way can be the path to wondrous personal transformation.

By being aware of your words, actions, and reactions and non-reactions to the people and situations in your day, you can practice choosing the subtler path. When talking with friends and colleagues, do you gossip and speak negativley about others? Or do you take the subtle way and shift the converstaion to a positive subject? When another driver cuts in front of your car, do you get enraged and lay on your horn? Or do you breathe and remember that you, too, sometimes make poor driving choices? Do you control and direct the people and activities in your household? Or do you find the subtler side and play outside with your family, feeling the unconditional love and joy you have for each other?

Ask yourself if your daily practices and habits are of benefit to you and your health. Shift to the subtler side and see what happens. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment only when you are able to cross things off your list? Or do you move to the subtler side and allow and enjoy yourself to just 'be' without an agenda or timeline? Do you exercise or work harder than you should creating stress in your body? Or do you sometimes replace rigorous cardio activity for a gentle massage and replace working on the weekends with getting together with friends?

Trusting in and moving to the subtler side of life will open up space within you and around you, allowing for great transformation to take place in your life. Be calm, gentle, and still and live a happy, healthy, and fun life that you love to live!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Self-Massage for Myofascial Release Workshop A Success!

The Self-Massage for Myofascial Release Workshop is available now for individual, small and large groups and businesses at the One-to-One studio or on-site. This workshop may also be combined with additional complimentary workshops and customized for the individual or group.
E-mail or call 260/749-7226 for more information.

Coming this week, look for details about our April 29, 2010 workshop, Posture 101 for Balance 911. Learn to find your "center of gravity" with posture, how posture affects your ability to balance, and take home a posture and balance program to keep you healthy, happy and safe as you travel through all the spaces in your days.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Self Myofascial Release Workshop Announced

"Self-Massage for Myofascial Release"

Date: March 25, 2010
Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm
Enrollment: e-mail or call 260/749-7226
Fee/Pre-Pay Deadline: March 18/$35
Limited class size. No refunds will be given after March 18.
Make checks payable to One-to-One.
Mail to One-to-One, 5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana 46774
Location: One-to-One Studio
5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level and all ages.
What to Wear: Comfortable clothing that allows your body to move freely.

Workshop Description: Have you ever wished for a daily massage to get rid of those knots and sore muscles? It is possible with self myofascial release techniques. Fascia is a seamless web of connective tissue that covers and connects the muscles, organs and skeletal structures in our body. When there is stress, injury, fatigue, poor posture or faulty movement patterns there can be restriction in a person's fascia leading to tissue overload or pain/discomfort in the muscles, fatigue, more stress and faulty movement patterns or poor posture. Learn the science behind myofascial release and practice the techniques with three different tools to reduce pain and injury, improve posture, flexibility, function of muscles and internal organs, reduce stress, and promote the relaxation response.
Don't miss this fun, informative workshop - you will leave feeling better than when you arrived!
*Tools used in workshop may be ordered at end of workshop if desired

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life Is The Best Teacher; Practiced Presence in Difficult Times

What are we to do when a situation upsets us but we have no control over it. No matter what we do, whether we try to fix it, run and hide from it, or confront it square in the face, it rears its ugly head, and whole body for that matter! When we see someone hurting, we try to give advice. We dig deep in our brains for some useful anecdote, or reach into our back pockets for a magic cure.

We try to help. Acknowledge the difficulties and frustrations. Do anything to take their pain away. Stumble over our words as we try to give some words of encouragement, all the while regretting what is coming out of our mouth.

We want to fix everything, all the time. If we are uncomfortable with an emotion, or see someone that we care about upset or in pain, we immediately feel the urge to change the situation; we want to make it a happier, more pleasant experience for all involved. We do it out of love, concern, and care. Nobody WANTS to suffer!

Sometime, though, could we choose to sit with that sadness, fear, concern, worry, anger, and frustration and not try to change it? Just feel it in our bodies and minds. Watch the words swirl wildly in your head. Feel how these thoughts physically manifest in your body. Listen to the words that leave your mouth. Listen to all the sounds around you. Feel your heart, your breath, your muscles. And not change a thing. Become mindful. And sit.

Look at yourself as if a mirror sat before you. Look forward and look into this mirror, noticing all sensations. Go a little further now and bring your gaze inward, as if you are noticing yourself for the first time. Notice your blinking, feel your jaw loosen its grip, and feel the belly expand and flatten. Breathe. Take notice of the room in which you are sitting. Notice a lightness replace the heaviness in your chest.

Being mindful of your surroundings, your body, your thoughts, and your breath places you in the present moment, which is the only true reality that there is. When we find ourselves traveling down the rocky roads of life, instead of flying off the handle, we think about ways in which we can help the situation within our means, and we simply help. We feel what we feel, but we recognize the inevitability of the situation at hand and relax as it is. We lend our time, love, and compassion to the situation and realize that this is all we can do. We choose peace and quiet in our hearts and minds, and bask in the glory of what the present moment has to offer. We trust in acceptance, relaxation, our breath, and let it go…


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Relaxation Workshop a Success!

Our workshop, Relaxation Techniques -Breathwork and Beyond..., is available now for individuals, small and large groups, and businesses.
or call 260-749-7226 for more information.

Coming this week, look for details about our March 25, 2010 workshop, Self Myofascial Release. Learn how to give yourself a daily massage to reduce pain and promote the relaxation response.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Relaxation Workshop Announced

"Relaxation Techniques —
Breathwork and Beyond"
Date: February 25, 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm

Enrollment/Pre-Pay Deadline: February 18/$25
No refunds will be given after February 18.
Make checks payable to One-to-One and
mail to One-to-One, 5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana 46774
Enroll: e-mail or call 260/749-7226
Location: One-to-One Studio, 5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level

Workshop Description: Reduce stress and improve your sense of wellbeing. These techniques are an approach to training the mind/body and are beneficial in managing health issues such as anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, chronic pain, excessive body fat and many more. Learn the science and practice the techniques that can profoundly influence your quality of life.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Breathe

As I complete the listing of the upcoming workshops posted here, I realize my need for a deep breath! Is it a breath of relief (the past) - I finally overcame my technology phobia and have a website and blog! Or is it a breath of preparation (the future) - here we go into the unknown new year! Either way, breathing does not get the respect it deserves so I am placing it on a pedestal for the present.

Breathing techniques are advocated for relaxation, stress management, improving physical and mental health, and improvement of organ function including respiratory and cardiovascular function. Balance in our inhalation and exhalation can be easily disrupted by fatigue or stress. Attention to our breathing via breathwork techniques and mindfulness can help us ease stressful or uncomfortable situations and enhance our sense of "being well".

As you read, pause for a moment to "feel" the location of your inhaled breath. Is it high in your throat, your chest, or deep enough to expand your ribcage? Your ribcage is the ultimate destination.

Now, allow your jaw to relax, letting your lips and back teeth part. Draw a breath in through your nose deeply enough to feel your rib cage expand. Now, "press" the air out of your rib cage by contracting those muscles and feel the air flow up your throat and through your lips. Hear yourself breathe. Be aware that if your inhalation and exhalation are not balanced (not equal) you may feel lightheaded. Breath is quiet, smooth, deep, even, and free of pauses. Tune in to the feel of your breath as you inhale and exhale. Allow your mind to clear, recognizing that thoughts may enter . . . simply let them float away. Begin counting your breathing cycles for one minute. How do you feel? Practice counting your breathing cycles tomorrow for one minute and compare the number (less is more) to your first day. Practice counting your breath cycles the day after tomorrow . . .you get it! Practice daily to reap the rewards and give your breath the respect it deserves.

My best to you,


Sunday, January 3, 2010

One-to-One Launches New Web Site

I would like to announce the launch of my new web site I am very excited to use this new site to communicate my personal philosophy about optimal wellness, because I believe that it is an integrative process for living that promotes the positive, healthy, and resilient condition of the physical body, mind, spirit, and emotions. It also allows me to help people of all ages in Fort Wayne, Northeast Indiana, and Northwest Ohio find their own level of healthy living through personal training and wellness coaching.

This new site, working in conjunction with this blog, will educate people on the latest information on a variety of topics concerning personal training, wellness coaching, and creative movement. I'll also be posting links and articles of interest, along with dates for workshops, specialized programs and speaking engagements I'll be presenting in 2010.