Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Nature Is My Playground" Outdoor Circuit/Interval Workshop A Success!

The "Nature Is My Playground" a circuit/interval workshop is available now for individual, small and large groups and businesses on-site or at location to be determined by individual or group. This workshop may also be combined with additional workshops and customized for the individual or group culture.
E-mail or call 260/749-7226 for more information.

Coming this week, look for details about our June 24, 2010 workshop, Fitness Walking Intervals Workshop. Take your walking program to a new, more efficient - and fun - level! Learn how to maximize fat loss, increase your fitness level, slow down aging, maximize your workout time (shorter workout sessions with interval training are shown to have the same benefit as longer, moderate paced sessions), add variety to reduce boredom, and have a workout that can be done indoors or in the great outdoors.

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