Friday, September 30, 2011

Energize You and Your Posture with Corrective Exercise!

I posted on September 21: What IS healthy posture, why is it important, and why you may be a candidate for Corrective Exercise to improve posture reducing pain, inflammation, fatigue in the body/mind. As promised, common causes of postural deviations follow:



Learned postural habits

Lack of voluntary, deep, diaphragm breathing pattern

Activities of Daily Living such as sleeping/sitting/standing/functional motion/work and exercise postures/prolonged or repetitive tasks like working long hours on a computer

Footwear that does not promote healthy foot positioning, like wearing heels, ill-fitted shoes

Problems with the upper body, spine, and lower body, such as your choice of footwear with heels affects every part of the body by creating poor posture

Stress and anxiety (Perception and response to past, present and future life experiences

How can we restore our body/mind to healthy posture? By first learning through Corrective Exercise what healthy posture feels like in your body using a simple self-assessment tool while in standing, seated and sleeping positions. The next step is to begin to evaluate any activities or footwear that negatively affect this new healthy posture and to begin to focus and modify these factors through awareness (mindfulness).

An individualized Corrective Exercise Program will take you to the third, but not quite final, step in your new, energized, pain-free, less stressed body and life! (More to come on this in next Corrective Exercise blog.)

The final step? Practice, practice, practice and love living each day of your life!

Embrace this day.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Be Happy and It Will All Take Care of Itself!

As a Wellness Coach, I encourage clients to improve their "happiness quotient" by eliminating tolerations and getting their needs met. By looking at the interpersonal aspects of our lives we see what it is we are tolerating, and by recognizing our unmet needs, we can then put a plan in place to live more happily. These interpersonal aspects may include love or fear, conflict skills, conflict resolution, communications skills, connectedness, community, support, inclusion, friendship and last - but certainly not least - play.

A facebook friend recently posted this song by Natasha Bedingield.
The lyrics for "Happy" follow:

Landlords knocking at my door cussing me out
Got laid off my job the night before
Can't figure how I'm gonna fix tomorrow
When yesterday's still a mess
Can you tell me what's the point man
It all seems meaningless
I wish that I could step away and breathe
This world's trying to swallow me
Clear away the clouds inside my head

Someone just tell me
That it's ok now
What are you worrying about

Got my dreams, got my life, got my love
Got my friends, got the sunshine above
Why am I making this hard on myself
When there's so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy

People lie, people hide, people cry, people fight
And they don't know why
If fear is all that we should fear
Then what are we so afraid of
'Cause fear is only in our heads

Any day I'll go bad thinking bad
Everyone is against me and the world wants to fight me
Preparing to battle an enemy unseen
During my stressing I'm blinded to the lessons
That could be a blessing if I'd be confessing
That the enemy I'm trying to beat is hiding
Inside of me

Keep your grind on girl . . .
It's your love,
It's your world

May you be happy in mind, body and spirit!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Corrective Exercise for Posture?
And why is healthy posture important?

The answer to the first question (but more to come in future blogs):

With aging, body injuries/surgeries, life experience trauma, illness, or most commonly poor posture due to chronic body positions (for example, too much sitting at the keyboard or anywhere), healthy fascia (one of the types of soft tissue) becomes shortened, more solid, and "disorganized". Because the body (below the brain) has a connection with your neurological and brain self, the mis-alignment of the fascia can result in seemingly unrelated restrictions, pain, inflammation, and stress in seemingly unrelated responses on other areas of the body. A restriction in the neck, for example, will often be relieved when a restriction in the low back is corrected. These restrictions in the fascia can be positively altered with the simple three part program of Corrective Exercise allowing you to posture well with reduced pain, inflammation, stress, and improved function of your body.

The answer to the second question, why is healthy posture important:

Posture refers to the position of the human body and its orientation in space. Posture is a state of skeletal and muscular balance and alignment that protects the supporting structures of the body from progressive deformity and injury. Whether a person is exercising, walking, standing or sitting erect, lying, squatting or stooping, good posture allows the muscles of the body to function with maximum efficiency and balance and reduced stress.

Proper posture reduces stressful forces and awkward positioning on the joints, muscles, and other soft tissues of the body. There is an optimal posture for any given body task. Deviations from optimal posture are aesthetically unpleasant, adversely influence muscle efficiency, and predispose individuals to joint and muscle pain or neurological conditions. Postural deviations may be temporary or permanent. If they are temporary and caused by muscle or fascial imbalances, they can be changed with appropriate Corrective Exercise. When the body is in neutral alignment (good posture) the body works most efficiently and provides a stable base for movement (good balance and function). The nerves and the internal organs are able to perform their functions most efficiently as well.

Common Problems Associated with Poor Posture:

Reduced lung function.
Back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, and foot pain
Plantar fascitiis, tendonitis, bursitis
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Joint degeneration
Bone degeneration
Inflammation throughout the body and its systems (for example the cardiovascular system)
Loss of strength and flexibility
Poor balance and a predisposition to falls
Nerve compression - numbing or tingling
Increase in stress perception

More to come next week regarding common causes of these Postural Problems and how Corrective Exercise may be your first step to restoring your body to a healthy posture and you to a healthier, happier life!

Fall Is A Time To . . .

Save The Date for a special One-to-One Event! Sunday, November 13, 2011 from 2:00 to 4:00pm at Pine Valley Country Club. Plan to celebrate, learn and share! A warm thank you to Daryl Yost, client extraordinaire, for inspiring and hosting this gathering. Look for your invitation after October 1.

Read the One-to-One blog. Simply type in, click on blog on the right side of page. Read to educate (click on links posted in blog), be inspired and empowered!

Evaluate the need for new footwear (not just exercise shoes). We may have a bonfire for all shoes that lead to pain, stress, and dysfunction in your bodies!

Plan your winter (more indoor that outdoor) physical activity agenda. If you need suggestions from me, simply ask.

Replace dead batteries in heart rate monitors.

Inflate all stability balls and myofascial release balls. If you would like me to do it, simply ask.

Ensure you have all the body work (exercise, etc.) tools you need: medicine balls, DVD's, tubing, dense foam rollers, etc. If you are unsure or need a piece of equipment, simply ask.

Enjoy life, be happy be healthy and cultivate peace.

My best to all of you this day and all days.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wellness, Perfection, and the Fourth of July

It was a hot, hot, hot day at the lake this last July 4. The small lake was more active with boats and jet skis than I had ever seen it in thirty years of summers. Rough water, big waves, and all kinds of summertime fun being had by all. When a neighbor offered to teach my daughter's fiance's 10 year old son, Nicholas, to knee-board, I was asked if I wanted to ride in the boat. Yes, I wanted to be there to see him master this challenge. Nicholas was amazing! He conquered the knee board on his first try! His strong mind, clear focus, strong body, determination - all rolled into a few minutes on the rough waters that summer day. As soon as he climbed back into the boat, I realized I had been "set up". You see, I had expressed to my daughter and her fiance that I would once again LOVE to water ski. (It had been fifteen years since I last had the opportunity.) They put the "boards" in the water and asked if I wanted to ski. I had no time to fear the waves, the congestion of boaters, OR the fact I last attempted this when I was 41 years old. I slid into the water and into the skis. My heart and breath increased and the adrenalin started pumping. The boat accelerated and I began my ascent into water ski bliss with the wind in my hair. Yes, it was rough! No, it was not perfect! But I loved every second of it - those few moments of a strong mind, clear focus, strong body, determination - all rolled into a few minutes on the rough waters that hot summer day.

As a certified wellness coach, I partner with and guide clients to overcome the barriers that are keeping them from living their lives fully and healthfully. Sometimes this means letting go of perfection, overcoming fear, and saying "yes" to new life experiences. My adventure on the Fourth of July has given me a renewed appreciation for their courage in overcoming fear, letting go of perfection, and ultimately their exhilaration in living well.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Corrective Exercise?

Are you overlooking an important first step in your regular exercise program? Do you avoid certain types of movements or exercise due to pain or discomfort in your body? It could be you are a candidate for One-to-One's Corrective Exercise Program - an individually designed program involving first an in-depth assessment followed by a simple system to restore function and pain-free living to people at all levels of physical activity plagued by muscle and joint pain.

Corrective Exercise first involves comprehensive postural and mechanical evaluation of your body from your feet to your head. Your body's standing posture and the description of your pain and when it occurs gives us volumes of information as it relates to your pain and discomfort. The assessment then assesses sitting, sleeping, basic daily movement, and exercise postures as well. The amount of time you spend in these positions and the quality of (or lack of) your posture also contributes to poor body mechanics, joint and muscle dysfunction and inflammation throughout the body. During the assessment you will also be asked to self-evaluate your pain using word descriptions and a pain scale.

At this point in the assessment process, you will be assigned a posture practice and a breathing technique. This is the first basic step to start you on your way toward changing the quality of your life by eliminating pain, discomfort, stress, and inflammation.

Look for upcoming blogs describing the simple system of Corrective Exercise Programming.

Be happy this day!

Pam Holt

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Say "Yes" to Positive Change with One-to-One Wellness Coaching

What is One-to-One Wellness Coaching? As a certified wellness coach for several years, I am trained to coach others to make positive lifestyle changes that last. Wellness coaching is a very positive, success-building tool. In the coaching partnership, coaches and clients create a plan to move the client toward their wellness vision. It is a process of focusing on the client's strengths and insights but also identifying and dealing with weaknesses. Wellness coaches may provide guidance in areas such as fitness, nutrition, stress management, time management, weight loss, identifying personal/professional values and goal setting to live those values to name a few. The approach is customized to each client's needs. Wellness coaching is not counseling or teaching; all clients's are provided with clarification relative to the differences. Coaching sessions are 30 minutes and are done over the telephone making them convenient and time efficient.

While we long to live well and be our best selves, many of us are struggling mightily. The demands of everyday life have never been greater. We face the challenge of navigating universal obstacles to making change, including innate resistance and ambivalence. Many of us have histories of repeated falure. Many of us are not confident that we can master physical and mental wellness. Wellness coaching is designed to help us master the wellness game, and make changes that last.

Great coaches have several skills you will notice right away; they are great listeners and enjoy our stories. They foster self-acceptance and self-respect. They arouse, engage, energize and challenge us to reach higher at the right moment. They have the ability to sniff out our strengths, values and desires. They are playful when appropriate. They take risks and ask courageous questions. They don't rescue us from the muck - sometimes we need to sit in it for a bit to energize our desire to change. They know that our lives and happiness are at stake if we don't take care of ourselves. And they know how to celebrate our successes. Coaches enable new thinking, feeling connections and pathways that propel us forward with clarity and focus towards energetic action.

As we age, our life challenges become more difficult. Well lifestyle behaviors create quality of life for individuals of all ages. Total wellness becomes a process for living your best life NOW!

Here are just a few quotes from One-to-One Wellness Coaching clients:

"I no longer have a victim mindset; I am worth the time to invest in taking care of my body and my self." Alberta M.

"I have learned organizational skills which has greatly reduced my life stress. Pam has brought so much to my life and I look forward to our coaching sessions each week." Jane L.

"Wellness Coaching allowed me to move myself to the next level of my own self care in several areas of wellness; I have been able to evolve toward living my personal values." Jeanette S.

"My weekly Wellness Coaching session is a good check-in for me. Pam helps me to set realistic goals relative to exercise, nutrition, stress management. She helps me to hold myself accountable to whichever goals I am focusing on at the present time. She is insightful in regard to my challenges with stress and helps me to pull myself back to a realistic view of life events and put these events into perspective which reduces my stress." Julie W.

If you feel you may be a candidate for One-to-One Wellness Coaching, simply give a call to me (Pam Holt) at 260/749-7226 or e-mail at Because I coach clients throughout the United States, please be mindful of Indiana time if you are placing a telephone call.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Corrective Exercise -
A Revolutionary Approach to Pain Relief and Improved Function of Your Body

What is Corrective Exercise (CE)? CE is a systematic process used to alleviate chronic muscle and joint pain. This approach to pain relief incorporates structural assessments, corrective exercise techniques (more on this in upcoming blogs) and wellness coaching strategies into a simple system that makes improved function and pain-free living a reality for people plagued by muscle and joint pain. A thank you to Justin Price of The Biomechanics in San Diego, California - a leader in CE - for this definition.

I first became aware of and interested in the study of corrective exercise almost ten years ago due to areas of discomfort in my own body. Even with my knowledge and experience of exercise science, I knew I needed to find a new way for the "trainer to heal herself". I also knew that when I found what I was looking for I would be able to use the knowledge to help others improve the quality of their lives. By using CE techniques, I was able to resolve low back pain I had incurred over 30 years ago. Talk about quality of life being restored!

I applaud my clients who partner with me to achieve a variety of health, fitness, and behavioral goals. Eliminating joint and muscle dysfunction resulting in less inflammation, less pain, better posture and greater ease of movement to improve overall function of their bodies is always at the top of their list. Their results from CE are nothing less than amazing. Why? Because CE is a vital key to self empowerment -strong body, strong mind, and energy to live this amazing life!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cooper Wellness: Calcium 101

Cooper Wellness: Calcium 101

Anticipating questions on this topic - so here is a "higher authority" speaking on the issue.

Cooper Aerobics - Clearing Up Food Label Confusion

Cooper Aerobics - Clearing Up Food Label Confusion

Even if we think we know something, it can be valuable to review. Enjoy!