Thursday, September 8, 2011

Say "Yes" to Positive Change with One-to-One Wellness Coaching

What is One-to-One Wellness Coaching? As a certified wellness coach for several years, I am trained to coach others to make positive lifestyle changes that last. Wellness coaching is a very positive, success-building tool. In the coaching partnership, coaches and clients create a plan to move the client toward their wellness vision. It is a process of focusing on the client's strengths and insights but also identifying and dealing with weaknesses. Wellness coaches may provide guidance in areas such as fitness, nutrition, stress management, time management, weight loss, identifying personal/professional values and goal setting to live those values to name a few. The approach is customized to each client's needs. Wellness coaching is not counseling or teaching; all clients's are provided with clarification relative to the differences. Coaching sessions are 30 minutes and are done over the telephone making them convenient and time efficient.

While we long to live well and be our best selves, many of us are struggling mightily. The demands of everyday life have never been greater. We face the challenge of navigating universal obstacles to making change, including innate resistance and ambivalence. Many of us have histories of repeated falure. Many of us are not confident that we can master physical and mental wellness. Wellness coaching is designed to help us master the wellness game, and make changes that last.

Great coaches have several skills you will notice right away; they are great listeners and enjoy our stories. They foster self-acceptance and self-respect. They arouse, engage, energize and challenge us to reach higher at the right moment. They have the ability to sniff out our strengths, values and desires. They are playful when appropriate. They take risks and ask courageous questions. They don't rescue us from the muck - sometimes we need to sit in it for a bit to energize our desire to change. They know that our lives and happiness are at stake if we don't take care of ourselves. And they know how to celebrate our successes. Coaches enable new thinking, feeling connections and pathways that propel us forward with clarity and focus towards energetic action.

As we age, our life challenges become more difficult. Well lifestyle behaviors create quality of life for individuals of all ages. Total wellness becomes a process for living your best life NOW!

Here are just a few quotes from One-to-One Wellness Coaching clients:

"I no longer have a victim mindset; I am worth the time to invest in taking care of my body and my self." Alberta M.

"I have learned organizational skills which has greatly reduced my life stress. Pam has brought so much to my life and I look forward to our coaching sessions each week." Jane L.

"Wellness Coaching allowed me to move myself to the next level of my own self care in several areas of wellness; I have been able to evolve toward living my personal values." Jeanette S.

"My weekly Wellness Coaching session is a good check-in for me. Pam helps me to set realistic goals relative to exercise, nutrition, stress management. She helps me to hold myself accountable to whichever goals I am focusing on at the present time. She is insightful in regard to my challenges with stress and helps me to pull myself back to a realistic view of life events and put these events into perspective which reduces my stress." Julie W.

If you feel you may be a candidate for One-to-One Wellness Coaching, simply give a call to me (Pam Holt) at 260/749-7226 or e-mail at Because I coach clients throughout the United States, please be mindful of Indiana time if you are placing a telephone call.

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