Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life Is The Best Teacher; Practiced Presence in Difficult Times

What are we to do when a situation upsets us but we have no control over it. No matter what we do, whether we try to fix it, run and hide from it, or confront it square in the face, it rears its ugly head, and whole body for that matter! When we see someone hurting, we try to give advice. We dig deep in our brains for some useful anecdote, or reach into our back pockets for a magic cure.

We try to help. Acknowledge the difficulties and frustrations. Do anything to take their pain away. Stumble over our words as we try to give some words of encouragement, all the while regretting what is coming out of our mouth.

We want to fix everything, all the time. If we are uncomfortable with an emotion, or see someone that we care about upset or in pain, we immediately feel the urge to change the situation; we want to make it a happier, more pleasant experience for all involved. We do it out of love, concern, and care. Nobody WANTS to suffer!

Sometime, though, could we choose to sit with that sadness, fear, concern, worry, anger, and frustration and not try to change it? Just feel it in our bodies and minds. Watch the words swirl wildly in your head. Feel how these thoughts physically manifest in your body. Listen to the words that leave your mouth. Listen to all the sounds around you. Feel your heart, your breath, your muscles. And not change a thing. Become mindful. And sit.

Look at yourself as if a mirror sat before you. Look forward and look into this mirror, noticing all sensations. Go a little further now and bring your gaze inward, as if you are noticing yourself for the first time. Notice your blinking, feel your jaw loosen its grip, and feel the belly expand and flatten. Breathe. Take notice of the room in which you are sitting. Notice a lightness replace the heaviness in your chest.

Being mindful of your surroundings, your body, your thoughts, and your breath places you in the present moment, which is the only true reality that there is. When we find ourselves traveling down the rocky roads of life, instead of flying off the handle, we think about ways in which we can help the situation within our means, and we simply help. We feel what we feel, but we recognize the inevitability of the situation at hand and relax as it is. We lend our time, love, and compassion to the situation and realize that this is all we can do. We choose peace and quiet in our hearts and minds, and bask in the glory of what the present moment has to offer. We trust in acceptance, relaxation, our breath, and let it go…


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Relaxation Workshop a Success!

Our workshop, Relaxation Techniques -Breathwork and Beyond..., is available now for individuals, small and large groups, and businesses.
or call 260-749-7226 for more information.

Coming this week, look for details about our March 25, 2010 workshop, Self Myofascial Release. Learn how to give yourself a daily massage to reduce pain and promote the relaxation response.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Relaxation Workshop Announced

"Relaxation Techniques —
Breathwork and Beyond"
Date: February 25, 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm

Enrollment/Pre-Pay Deadline: February 18/$25
No refunds will be given after February 18.
Make checks payable to One-to-One and
mail to One-to-One, 5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana 46774
Enroll: e-mail or call 260/749-7226
Location: One-to-One Studio, 5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level

Workshop Description: Reduce stress and improve your sense of wellbeing. These techniques are an approach to training the mind/body and are beneficial in managing health issues such as anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, chronic pain, excessive body fat and many more. Learn the science and practice the techniques that can profoundly influence your quality of life.