Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Overcoming Self Doubt

I was recently faced with the need to complete my continuing education credits for the year (yes, I had procrastinated as this needed to be done by the end of August). After deciding to do this via on-line testing sessions available through by certifying agency, I continued to do everything BUT starting this process. It seemed overwhelming to sit at the computer to do this project which required a great deal of time but also my brain energy as well. Which of these was the major contributor to my procrastination - yes, it was the need to use my brain as a student of the newest research. So I broke this down into several steps: reading the research, answering the test questions off-line, going on-line and entering my answers, printing off my certificates of completion (I passed all tests with "flying colors" - yeah!), and contacting my certifying agency to renew my certification. Yes, this all took hours and hours of time but it especially encouraged my brain to fire some neurons that had not been in use for awhile. When I completed all of this, I felt accomplished with a renewed sense of my intellectual capabilities and techological capabilities as well.

Bottom line, when self doubt creeps in look at the factors that are contributing to this and do a reality check. You are capable, you can overcome insecurity of self, you can process new information. You are me and I am you - we all struggle mightily with these times of self doubt. But does it ever feel rewarding once we see our reality - we CAN do what we must to move forward in our professional and personal lives.

Carry on and light that fire within you on this very day!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


There are times in our life when we feel the need to simplify that which has become too complicated or time-consuming or costly. With the recent storm and the subsequent power outage at my home, I was reminded of a simpler time; I needed to carry water from a pond in order to flush a toilet - I read magazines and books rather than watching television - I slept with windows open rather than turning on the air-conditioning. I was actually reminded, too, of how it felt to have once lived in a smaller home with a small yard space; much simpler to care for and equally enjoyable as a larger home and large surrounding property.

When we realize the need to simplify in order to enjoy what truly matters to us, it may take patience and time and planning to do so. Making a change to simplify may also come with a downside (or two or three!). But to look at the long-term advantages - more time to do those things we truly value, for example - may be worth these downsides.

What can you simplify in your life beginning today? Weigh carefully the upside and the downside. If the upside weighs "heavier" begin to bring your simplifying change to fruition one step at a time.