Friday, September 30, 2011

Energize You and Your Posture with Corrective Exercise!

I posted on September 21: What IS healthy posture, why is it important, and why you may be a candidate for Corrective Exercise to improve posture reducing pain, inflammation, fatigue in the body/mind. As promised, common causes of postural deviations follow:



Learned postural habits

Lack of voluntary, deep, diaphragm breathing pattern

Activities of Daily Living such as sleeping/sitting/standing/functional motion/work and exercise postures/prolonged or repetitive tasks like working long hours on a computer

Footwear that does not promote healthy foot positioning, like wearing heels, ill-fitted shoes

Problems with the upper body, spine, and lower body, such as your choice of footwear with heels affects every part of the body by creating poor posture

Stress and anxiety (Perception and response to past, present and future life experiences

How can we restore our body/mind to healthy posture? By first learning through Corrective Exercise what healthy posture feels like in your body using a simple self-assessment tool while in standing, seated and sleeping positions. The next step is to begin to evaluate any activities or footwear that negatively affect this new healthy posture and to begin to focus and modify these factors through awareness (mindfulness).

An individualized Corrective Exercise Program will take you to the third, but not quite final, step in your new, energized, pain-free, less stressed body and life! (More to come on this in next Corrective Exercise blog.)

The final step? Practice, practice, practice and love living each day of your life!

Embrace this day.

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