Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Corrective Exercise?

Are you overlooking an important first step in your regular exercise program? Do you avoid certain types of movements or exercise due to pain or discomfort in your body? It could be you are a candidate for One-to-One's Corrective Exercise Program - an individually designed program involving first an in-depth assessment followed by a simple system to restore function and pain-free living to people at all levels of physical activity plagued by muscle and joint pain.

Corrective Exercise first involves comprehensive postural and mechanical evaluation of your body from your feet to your head. Your body's standing posture and the description of your pain and when it occurs gives us volumes of information as it relates to your pain and discomfort. The assessment then assesses sitting, sleeping, basic daily movement, and exercise postures as well. The amount of time you spend in these positions and the quality of (or lack of) your posture also contributes to poor body mechanics, joint and muscle dysfunction and inflammation throughout the body. During the assessment you will also be asked to self-evaluate your pain using word descriptions and a pain scale.

At this point in the assessment process, you will be assigned a posture practice and a breathing technique. This is the first basic step to start you on your way toward changing the quality of your life by eliminating pain, discomfort, stress, and inflammation.

Look for upcoming blogs describing the simple system of Corrective Exercise Programming.

Be happy this day!

Pam Holt

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