Friday, June 4, 2010

Outdoor Interval-Walking Workshop Announced

"Fitness Walking Interval Training"

Presenters: Pam Holt, One-to-One Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
Kelly Holt, One-to-One Creative Movement
Date: June 24, 2010 (Rain Date: July 1, 2010)
Time: 5:15pm-7:00pm
Location: New Haven Rivergreenway
Parking Lot Trailhead on North River Road Just West of Landin Road
Enrollment: e-mail: or call 260/749-7226
Limited Class Size
Pre-Pay Deadline: June 17, 2010
Fee/Refund Policy: $35/No refunds will be given after June 17, 2010.
Make checks payable to: One-to-One
Mail checks to: One-to-One
5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana 46774
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level and all ages.
What To Wear: Exercise clothing and walking/running shoes.

Workshop Description: Do you need to reduce body fat? Are you getting bored with your same cardio routine? Do you notice you are not making significant improvement in your cardiovascular fitness? Then join us and take your walking program (or any cardiovascular activity) to a new, more efficient, and FUN level! Improvement in fat loss and cardiovascular fitness are achieved only when exercisers challenge their bodies with progressive workloads. But how do we progress without over-training or injuring ourselves? You can accomplish this with interval training - short bursts (30-60 seconds) of higher intensity/speed followed by periods of rest or low intensity activity. Learn how to apply this method using perceived exertion or heart rate monitor training and shake up your outdoor (or indoor) summer movement program. Interval training has a positive impact on post-exercise caloric expenditure, is time efficient, reduces boredom, increases exercise adherence, and slows down aging. Interval training intensity and recovery is based on YOUR current level of fitness. So call or e-mail us now and treat your mind and body to a wonderful new way to move!

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