Monday, July 5, 2010

Hula Hooping Workshop Announced

"Hooping I: Basic Hoop Dance and Tricks"

Presenters: Pam Holt, One-to-One Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
Kelly Holt, One-to-One Creative Movement
Date: Thursday, September 2, 2010
Time: 5:15pm-7:00pm
Location: One-to-One Studio
5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana
Enrollment: e-mail
or call 260/749-7226
Limited class size
Pre-Pay Deadline: July 30, 2010
Fee/Refund Policy: $80 (Includes adult size trick hula hoop)
No refunds will be given after July 30, 2010
Please make checks payable to One-to-One
Mail checks to: One-to-One
5430 Green Road, New Haven, Indiana 46774
Who Should Attend: Any fitness level
What to Wear: Comfortable movement clothing

Workshop Description: If you thought you could never hula hoop or that hula hooping is only for kids, think again! Hooping is a crafted art form that combines tricks and movement, creating hoop dance. You WILL be able to hula hoop within two minutes of the workshop with proper instruction; the trick is in the energy of the body power points needed to propel the hoop. In addition to waist hooping, you will learn freedom of movement with the arms and legs as you hoop, allowing you to "dance" as you hoop. You will learn tricks that allow you to fluidly take the hoop on and off of your body, creating a seamless flow of hoop tricks. Finally, you will learn how to master simple choreographed hooping combinations and create your own hoop dance! Remember, everyone will be guided to work at their personal comfort and ability level; your success is only measured by how much fun you have! Embrace a new life experience, conquer the unknown, and be free and laugh like a kid again! Let's get hooping!

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