Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trust In the Subtler Side of Life

I sit in my living room as the sun rises, sipping my Italian cream coffee and smelling the sweet aroma of my newly lit "early sunrise" candle. I am the only soul up and awake at this early hour. I hear the faint sound of the train whistle and see a dog walker trot past the yard. The only sound in the house is the hum of the heat vibrating through the old metal registers along the floor. I sense a calm and a stillness in the house. I sense a calm and a stillness in myself.

I am reminded that I hold all power in which to continue this feeling throughout my day, no matter what my external situation. I can do this by staying present and aware of each moment and by always choosing the subtler path.

The word subtle is often interchanged with words such as calm, gentle, restful, less stressful, kind, soft and simple. The definition of success in American is often about moving to the other extreme; in order to be successful, many believe that they must overwork, over achieve, and over exercise, pushing and struggling their way to the top; carrying much stress, burden, and unhappiness in the process. However, shifting your everyday definition of success and moving to this subtler, softer way can be the path to wondrous personal transformation.

By being aware of your words, actions, and reactions and non-reactions to the people and situations in your day, you can practice choosing the subtler path. When talking with friends and colleagues, do you gossip and speak negativley about others? Or do you take the subtle way and shift the converstaion to a positive subject? When another driver cuts in front of your car, do you get enraged and lay on your horn? Or do you breathe and remember that you, too, sometimes make poor driving choices? Do you control and direct the people and activities in your household? Or do you find the subtler side and play outside with your family, feeling the unconditional love and joy you have for each other?

Ask yourself if your daily practices and habits are of benefit to you and your health. Shift to the subtler side and see what happens. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment only when you are able to cross things off your list? Or do you move to the subtler side and allow and enjoy yourself to just 'be' without an agenda or timeline? Do you exercise or work harder than you should creating stress in your body? Or do you sometimes replace rigorous cardio activity for a gentle massage and replace working on the weekends with getting together with friends?

Trusting in and moving to the subtler side of life will open up space within you and around you, allowing for great transformation to take place in your life. Be calm, gentle, and still and live a happy, healthy, and fun life that you love to live!


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