Monday, December 5, 2011

Spirituality and Well-Being

In a previous blog, Pathway . . ., questions were posted for your consideration with a promise of more questions to come.
What is your spiritual base or belief system? How do you draw upon your spiritual beliefs for support and to help you with moving forward with your life?
Spirituality has been defined in a number of ways. These include: a belief in a power operating in the universe that is greater than oneself; a sense of intereconnectedness with all living creatures; an awareness of the purpose and meaning of life and the development of personal, absolute values. It's the way you find meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in your life. Although spirituality is often associated with religious life, many believe that personal spirituality can be developed outside of religion. Acts of compassion and selflessness, altruism, and the experience of inner peace are all characteristics of spirituality.
One wellness coaching client chose to do an assessment that involved their "Connectedness" to different aspects of their life including relationships, involvement with nature and environment, social aspects of oneself, work life, and spiritual connectedness. After the assessment, this client chose to explore further their spirituality. As an outcome (several weeks later) they are discovering amazing aspects of themselves and those around them such as compassion, forgiveness, empathy, patience to name a few. Their spiritual exploration started with the definition above that they found while "surfing the web" and it felt comfortable to them.
As a wellness coach, it is amazing where my wellness coaching clients reach to find their health and happiness. I encourage you to answer this question (and those posted previously) during this month of December; if you wish to explore further and need a helping hand, simply contact One-to-One.
Peace to you this day . . .

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