Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finding Purpose in Life

Finding Purpose in Life . . .

Although this may sound like an overwhelming statement, let me pose it differently in two questions:
Please describe what gives you a sense of purpose in life?
What activities have meaning or "heart" for you?

My work as a personal trainer, Corrective Exercise specialist, and Wellness Coach certainly are purposeful and have meaning for me because the "work" I do guides others to be happier and healthier in their lives and to heal their bodies. Years ago, however, my work did not have this same meaning and sense of purpose; something was missing. As I searched for what could truly help people change their lives, I discovered behavioral Wellness Coaching for my clients and began integrating as much "heart" as science into both my coaching and training sessions with them. I truly look forward to my work now - it has meaning and purpose for me as well as for my clients.

In my personal life, I enjoy taking photos of nature such as those in recent posts. I become truly absorbed attempting to capture a "moment" in time. My photos are
not professional in nature - I've never taken a class or read an article on photography and I use an inexpensive digital camera. It is the total absorption - when time truly does seem to stand still in that very moment, when thought is suspended - that has meaning and heart for me.

As a Wellness Coach for clients throughout the country and those here in Fort Wayne, Indiana and New Haven, Indiana, and the surrounding communities, I observe clients as they find their purpose and "heart" by taking small, meaningful steps toward the life they wish to live.

Please consider those two questions and let your answers guide you through this season, but more importantly, may your answers turn into action and guide you through the rest of your days.

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