Thursday, December 8, 2011

And Another Success Story with
One-to-One Corrective Exercise!

As a personal trainer, wellness coach, and Corrective Exercise specialist in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, I observe elimination of pain in client's bodies every day. A recent success story follows:

A client shared with me in late November she was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery for December. I suggested we try a Corrective Exercise protocol to see if we could reduce her symptoms. Within 30 minutes we had ELIMINATED her tingling and numb fingers and she was given a protocol to take home which requires less than five minutes per day for her to continue on her own. Two weeks later she indicated she had some residual numbness in the same hand. After reviewing the first protocol and making some adjustments to her at-home technique, she is symptom free - no surgery needed!

Fascia, a form of soft tissue, is the organ system of stability and movement quality. The new science of fascial fitness is opening up doors for people to reduce or eliminate body pain, reduce stress, improve the quality of their movement (functional, daily movement as well as exercise movement for health, fitness, and sports) and as the story above indicates - avoid surgery.
Most injuries are connective (fascia)tissue injuries, not muscular injuries. Corrective Exercise can prevent and repair damage and build elasticity and resilience into our bodies systems.
Because of what we now know about fascia, traditional anatomy is inaccurate based on a fundamental misunderstanding of our movement. All of the answers are still developing - rapidly - but we now know that if we train the fascia, we will get amazing results.
Give One-to-One a call at 260/749-7226 or contact us at pam@pamholtonetoone if you have read this blog and believe you may be a candidate for Corrective Exercise. Actually, we are ALL candidates for this revolutionary science-based body work!

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