Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pathway to Health and Happiness

When I begin a partnership with a One-to-One Wellness Coaching client, as a trained wellness coach I ask a lot of questions. Rarely do I ask a "why" question because oftentimes the answers come from the past and we happen to be in the present and moving forward. Instead, I ask a lot of "what" questions. Some of these questions follow:

1. What accomplishments or events must, in your opinion, occur during your lifetime to consider your life satisfying and well-lived?

2. What is your secret passion in your life? Something you may or may not have allowed yourself to do so far, but which you would really love to do.

3. What unique gift or knowledge do you have to contribute?

By pausing to answer these types of questions of ourselves, we begin to "see our path" and have a clearer sense of what we wish to do with our lives rather than just why.

Enjoy the process - more questions to come!

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