Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Jump Start Discounts
Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Wellness Coaching

This is Your Time, Your Year to make a change for your happiness, health, and well-being!  By simply referencing this post you will receive a 50% discount off of the assessment for each one of the above-listed services.  This is our way to thank you for your action rather than procrastination.
This offer will end January 10, 2014 so call One-to-One NOW at 260/749-7226 or e-mail pam@pamholtonetoone.com.
Remember, Wellness Coaching is facilitated via telephone so if you wish to make permanent behavioral changes relative to reducing stress, losing weight, improving nutrition and exercise habits, becoming better organized, building relationships and so much more this service is for you wherever you live!
Happy New Year to the New You!

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