Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Corrective Exercise Helps People with Physical Dysfunction and Pain

Corrective Exercise is booming! But even though Corrective Exercise (CE) has been around a long time, I find most people are unaware of it's existence or value to them. All the certifying organizations in the fitness/wellness industry offer continuing education courses on Corrective Exercise. Even One-to-One clients who were once resistant to CE are beginning to understand that their end goal may require customized CE techniques, which may mean taking a step backward in their program for a short while before moving forward again.
CE is popular because in the U.S. alone, musculoskeletal conditions account for approximately $254 billion a year in associated healthcare costs, lost productivity and medical resereach (United States Bone and Joint Decade 2002). This means that human dysfunction, malalignment and associated pain cost the U.S. more than $695 million per day (and these stats are from 2002!). These conditions affect the economy, but their profound and dramatic effects are causing many people to suffer.
Pain issues are in the spotlight. Consequently, more and more qualified professionals are entering the CE arena. World-renowned physical therapists, exercise physiologists, doctors and biomechanics specialists are bringing quality research to the fitness and wellness industry contributing to the booming business of CE.
Computer use, technological advances and improved efficiency mean we all attempt to perform beyond our means. (We have become so efficient at NOT using our bodies for the purposes for which they were designed that we are losing function and creating pain in ourselves.) This kind of pressure has devastating physiological and psychological ramifications. As a result, CE specialists will continue to recognize the value of behavioral coaching (One-to-One Wellness Coaching) alongside the CE program. One-to-One Wellness Coaching in combination with a CE program is a powerful tool.
One-to-One Personal Training and Wellness Coaching can move you forward to a better quality life - moving well with amazing physical, mental and emotional energy. Contact me to learn more at or 260/749-7226.

A big thanks to Justin Price, co-owner of The BioMechanics in San Diego for his article in the January 2008 Idea Fitness Journal that provided valuable information for this blog.

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