Thursday, October 20, 2011

Challenge Your Beliefs to Change Your Life!

As a certified Wellness Coach, my clients are often called upon to look closely at their beliefs. An example shared by many clients has to do with their high stress level due to "too many things to accomplish, not enough hours in the day, procrastination of important tasks". When asked what they use to organize their "to do" list to better manage their time, they reply that using a time-planning tool (day-planner, calendar) is "too restrictive" or they forget to use it. Instead they just run this "to do" list around in their heads and try to remember appointments in their heads as well. When we break down the belief that a time-planning tool is "too restrictive" and the downside of forgetting to use it, they soon see that their "method" of keeping all this information in their head is actually more "restrictive" and stress-producing than using the tool because it restricts them from lowering their stress allowing their mind and their actions to be more peaceful and calm.

Beliefs can be reflections of our values (See previous Blog on values topic), or they can be based on false assumptions or perceptions. To change a "limiting" belief we must recognize it as a limiting belief, analyze where it came from re-evaluate its accuracy (is it working for me now?), and replace it with a more accurate belief.

Be healthy, question your beliefs. Live your life rather than life living you!

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