Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's Missing In Your Life?

When I feel "off balance" at times in the way I feel about myself and life in general, I always start with my personal life basics - am I getting quantity and quality of sleep, am I eating well, am I getting adequate exercise in all of its various forms, am I taking time in my relationships with those closest to me, am I creating downtime to rejuvenate? If the answer is "yes" to all of these questions, I look deeper and one of the questions I ask is - what's missing in my life, the presence of which would make my life more fulfilling?
Oftentimes, I find that my answer is that I am not cultivating my creativity - whether it be photographing something amazing outdoors, or doing a "craft" project, or that I am not dancing enough (yes, I literally mean dancing!). These types of things are important for me and if too much time elapses without them, I do not feel as whole as when I absorb myself in them.
Take a few minutes and ask yourself that simple question - What is missing that would make my life more fulfilling - then follow that thought into action and observe how you feel.
Be fulfilled this and every day!

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