Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Gifting Time!

The gift of health and well-being is one that we wish for everyone on our list.  One-to-One's hour and a half workshops are available for individuals to experience different forms of self care but without a commitment beyond the workshop. A customized gift certificate will be created for your giftee and mailed to you for gifting time.  All workshops are only $40.00 and will be customized from information gathered when your giftee contacts One-to-One to set up their workshop appointment.
Choose from the following workshops.  Don't see exactly what you would like in a workshop? Simply call us at 260/749-7226 or e-mail and ask for what you have in mind!

Workshop Options:

Relaxation Techniques - Breathwork and Beyond . . .
Posture for Balance Improvement
Self-Massage Using Myofascial Release
Nature Is My Playground - An Outdoor Cardio/Strength Circuit
Fitness Walking Interval Training
Mindful Eating - A Successful Program for Curbing Binge Eating and Enhancing Your Relationship with Food

We also have products for sale at this time of year to reduce our inventory and enhance your gift options.  Choose from the following product which may be picked up and purchased at the One-to-One studio in New Haven; simply call, 260/749-7226, to let us know when you would like to stop by.

Product on Sale/Offer Good Only While Supplies Last

Polar Heart Rate Monitors                                       $90
Bosu with 4 Workout DVD's                                  $110
3 Soft Ball Set for Myofascial Release with DVD   $65
6# Nike Medicine Balls                                              $35
Platemates (4 Piece Set)                                             $50
65 cm Blue Stability Balls                                          $55
36" Half Foam Rollers                                               $20

Have a healthy, happy, and loving holiday season!

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