Thursday, February 3, 2011

Perspectives on Fear

During the latter part of 2010, many things changed in my life and I was afraid - fearful of what I was feeling and of the future.

So I looked up the definition of fear: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined.
Then I looked up the definition of fearless: unafraid, brave, courageous, hardy. Calmly resolute in facing dangers or perils.

Instead of resisting Fear or running from it, I sat in it at first to get cozy with it, to truly feel it. Oh, it was mighty uncomfortable - each morning I awakened, I hoped it would have hopped a train elsewhere. But, no, it was parked at this station. I did my best to embrace the suffering Fear was creating - I was still vertical and breathing! I also became very curious - I held Fear in my hands and turned it over and over . . . and decided there must be a reason for its visit.

I shared with those closest to me my experiences with this new passenger of mine and their insights were incredibly valuable. Still, only I truly knew this Fear.

Then I made a decision to invite Fear to my work and into my personal contemplative times. Yea, just come along for the ride, Friend Fear. Travel with me and all others in this world as we look into the future and wonder what it holds.

Now, I will not say my turn from fearful to fearless happened overnight; in fact, it took months! But eventually, Fear became bored with my bold antics and decided to buy a ticket elsewhere. Last I heard, it is visiting someone else who needs a reminder to remain calmly resolute in facing their dangers or perils. Although I am sure Fear will visit again, I hope to have the courage to send it away sooner than before.

The following is a poem written by my great paternal grandmother:


Courage is fear,
Taken to flight,
Behind every smile
That wins a fight.
Courage is a noble deed,
To help others through,
Perhaps someone in need
Of your faith, and you.

Jeanette Grace Tribolet

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